2-cycle oil-fuel ratio question


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2-cycle oil-fuel ratio question

I've been using a Craftsman $80 weed trimmer/wacker for about two years now. Bought it new back then. The manual recommend using a 16:1 fuelil mixture, but since day one I've been using 4:1 without any problem. The Salesman at Sears had told me that this is Ok to do, as long as you don't go back to using 16:1 or I'll ruin the engine.

I have 16:1 2-cycle engine oil on-hand, and was debating whether to use it or not. What do you think? Was the Sear's salesman right?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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On your machine there should be a label telling you what the fuel mixture should be. My Craftsman tells me to use a 40:1 mixture. I don't think there is a 4:1 mixture.
On the back label of the oil containers they normally have a break down on all of the fuel mixtures.
This is how it goes. If you mix your fuel in a gallon fuel can you would add 8 oz. of oil for a 16:1 mix, 5.3 oz. of oil for a 24:1 mix, 4 oz. of oil for a 24:1 mix and 3.2 oz. of oil for a 40:1 mix.
What ever the label on the machine tells you or what the manual tells to use, that is what should be used. It makes no difference what you used previously.
If you have a contained that tells you that it is a 16:1 mix oil it is the same type of oil as the 40:1 mix but the contained hold 8 oz. The 40:1 mix oil container only has 3.2 oz.
Hope this hasn't completely confused you.

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Hello majac777!

I agree...4:1 is waaaay to much oil. Are you sure you didn't mean 40:1? That would be my guess. Most two stroke engines nowadays run 32:1 or higher.
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Follow the OEM recommendations for the mixture. Do not deviate from it. You can ruin the engine if you do.

If you think the manual is wrong, call up Poulan www.poulan.com as they are the likely OEM for your machine and can assist you.
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Many thanks for your courteous and prompt replies!

Thank you again!


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