old simplcity snow thrower for rlm


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old simplcity snow thrower for rlm

I have an old simplicity snow thrower (990562) and i have a Simplicty tractor (12RTH ( 1692053)). Im wondering if there is a kit to make these work together. The width of the area where it bolts up is identical on both the blower and mower. It looks like it would work and i know there are blower attachments for that tractor because my blade engager lever has 2 positions underneath the mower one says mower and the other says ST for snow thrower. Underneath the hood it also says to use a 36" belt (1703466) I know there are conversion kits for some of these units and im hopeing for this one because i want to use it this winter. It is so close to bolting up right now i can almost feel it. I have emailed over a dozen small engine and simplicity dealers online and heard nothing in response. I guess they dont want my business

ANy advice would be greatly appreciated.

I also have a old old craftsman 6hp snow thrower that ill be posting on later when i get the part numbers. I want to find out what year it might be or a good estimate and also what exact model engine came on it because i threw a rod last year and want to rebuild it if it isnt too bad (i havent opened it up yet).

I have a loaner engine on it now so it will make it through this winter but the original engine has teeth for a starter and also has the coil with the power wires that come off to run the light on the unit for all of you night snow blowers out there

Thanks alot and l love this forum. I am a new small engine enuthusiast. I recently moved to the city from a small town and you would laugh at some of the good stuff people throw away. I have 5 lawnmowers already
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Hello scale21!

Welcome to the small engines forum!

My business is in south Georgia, so we don't see many (err...ANY) snowblowers down here. Maybe someone will show up with some useful info for you. Sorry I can't be of much help myself!
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The Craftsman snowblower is probably like the 1965 6HP one I own.

I have model #536-82231 on the blower (Murray made) and 143.556022 on the engine (6HP H60 engine, Tecumseh).

Sears.com (click parts on the left of the screen) will recognize your engine and machine model # and then you can find the part #s you need. In turn, the engine part #s you find there are Tecumseh part #s, and the machine part #s are Murray.

I have both a 1965 6hp/26" Murray/Sears and a 1979 5hp/22" Murray/Sears.

I paid $180 for the '65 (heavy duty unit, this this is a monster), it's in great shape for being close to 40 years old and the '79 was free because the old owner was not mechanically inclined at all and just gave it to me. I got it running in four tries, but I'm refreshing the machine to my liking.

Yes, people throw out good stuff. 3/4 of my yard equipment and other equipment is recycled/given/was thrown out. I just clean, polish, rebuild and perfect to my liking when I get something like that .

Call up Tecumseh Technical services, 262-377-2700 and get all the data and ask the questions you want about the 6HP engine. It may not be worth rebuilding and a new short block may be your answer.

Call up Simplicity (part of Toro now???? I think) for the answer to your other question.

That should get you started....let us know what you find.
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I sure hope simplicity hasn't become a part of toro now. I do know that simplicity recently acquired snapper, so now most snapper dealers have access to simplicity info.

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