Homelite Chainsaw


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Homelite Chainsaw

I accquired an older Homelite 550 Chain saw that hasn't run in over ten years. It seemed to run fine for a couple minutes and then stalled and i couldn't get it started again. So i started messing around with it an started turning all the little knobs. So to get it started i had to spray starter fluid in the air intatake. i t took off But it didn't idle and if i let the trigger out it would run faster and if i pulled the trigger it would slow down. Also if i turn the choke off it takes of to full rpm no matter where the trigger is at. So im sure i need to adjust the carbuerator there are two screws, one on top of the other i didn't really feel like adjusting them by trial and error since there is a chain spinning really fast close by so if anyone could give me a starting point that would be great. PS. During this operation i had the air filter offf if that matters a whole bunch. Thanks
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Before adjusting the carb, I would clean it out first. Do a good job too. Carbs can be tempurmental if there not cleaned well. Another thing I would do is buy an new spark plug. And the last thing I would do is dump old gass out and install fresh gas in gas tank. Cheese will reply to your message soon enough. Let us know how it goes.
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Hello Willyp!

I would first suggest purchasing a rebuild kit for the carburetor and new fuel lines. Surely after more than 10 years, these things need to be done. I doubt you will get far without doing it. I assume the gas you put in was fresh, since 10 year old gas won't even run in a saw, but you definitely want a clean tank of gas, and a new plug would be wise as Terminator mentioned.

Let us know if we can help!

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