What people toss...I hear an "Echo" :)


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Thumbs up What people toss...I hear an "Echo" :)

Lol. I am truly amazed at what people toss. There I am idling my car in front of my house and locking the door. I peer across the street (my neighbors are moving) and there in the trash is...

An Echo PB400E gas backpack blower ! LOL. It looked fairly complete, and in need of some attention.

I also took a brand new 110V electric spray gun (like for car detail work) and a siphon pump. LOL.

It's amazing what's tossed. Mike Merritt and I are onto this Echo, but if anyone has any thoughts, please share.


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Great Find!!!
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i just picked up a hand held craftsman leaf blower out of someones trash also. it is small, 25cc, and "wants" to start.
i believe it is a 2000 , so it is not that old, and may have been stored a lot. it is missing the air cleaner and cover. other than that, it is all in tact. when i try to start it, it will start for a second, and then quit. i can't get to the choke quick enough to see if it's choking , and causing it to stall. if i try to start it with the choke slightly open, it doesn't start. we'll see in time, when i start to mess with it again, maybe the carb needs to be cleaned. i'm not sure where to start, but it does seem to have a decent motor, and good spark too. it has a near full tank of gas, which i assume the owner recently put in, so, i assume it's fresh gas. if all else fails, i will drain the gas, and refill with new gas/oil . like i said, it wants to start, so, it's problems are not going to be serious. if it needs the carb rebuilt, it might have to wait til i get my snow throwers carb done first, then, i'll find time for this blower. any easy quick tips would be helpful, if anyone thinks i may be jumping to conclusions with the carb idea, or the stale gas possibility...
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You can add an Echo GT2400 to my "dump finds" too as my neighbor just threw out one of those too. LOL.

Nice machine, I should be able to get it to run. I already hear Mike Merritt's mind spinning with ideas. LOL.

Mike, I will send you a separate e-mail on this.

Madsam: Craftsman blowers like that are Poulan made. Betcha the model # starts with a 358 or a 257 .
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joe, you are absolutely right, it's a 358

the whole label says:

2000 us epa ph1
family: ypwes. 0244bl.em
displacement: 25cc
serial number: 00194n102097
model: 358.797310

any info or tips would be great....
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Go to www.sears.com and then click "parts" on the left.

Print out the parts list and diagram. Shoot some Gumout or a little gas into the chamber and see it fires and stays running. Take off the muffler and see if the ports are clogged with carbon.

Make sure fuel is flowing through the clear plastic lines from the tank.

Most of these Poulans are a bit on the bottom barrel end for quality, but for homeowner use they are fine.
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Joe, i went to sears' website and was surprised at the info there. i found the complete breakdown, and parts list there, and some livable prices too, afa the air intake cover, and other small parts i may need.

thanks for the help, .......too bad i can't find info like that on the Toro website for snow throwers......
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Ya, you can.

Sears may have the Toro part #s on their site if you plug them into the site.

I have called/e-mailed Toro a few times for a parts list for my 1979 and 1980 Power Shovels and they e-mailed them to me or mailed me a copy free of charge.

Most companies don't charge for parts or owner's manuals if you ask them. Many have them online now for free download.

I've downloaded pages and pages of manuals/information from Echo's website on the two items I've found of theirs in the past week. I don't think I've paid for a single owners or parts manual for any of my "found" machines.

Now that you have your part #s, no need to buy them from Sears. The #s you found are Poulan part #s. Just go to any dealer that stocks Poulan stuff and give them the part #s. They can order them or will stock them probably less than Sears sells them.

The trick with Sears is knowing who the OEM vendor is (In your case 358=Poulan). Then, use their site for information and shop around, part # in hand.

As you can tell, I have some experience with their product and resurrecting a few dump finds .
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joe, thanks, i have a link now for the Toro info i couldn't find before. another member just linked me to it in a thread i started a little while ago today.

i agree that even if sears' prices look ok, i will most likely go to another parts dealer for my parts as i don't like sears. lol.
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Hey madsam...Most small engine shops will have a pile of "junked" blowers like yours and should have the covers and that kind of stuff that you need for cheap. Smell the gas...that's the best way I've found to tell if it's stale or not. If it doesn't smell as strong as fresh gas, dump it and try a fresh gas/oil mix.
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cheese, good advice. since i pulled it out of the trash, i have no problem using old used parts for it. i didn't think to salvage parts cheap from a repair shop. since we are picking other folks trash, why not pick the repair shops trash too? although, they probably have trash full of useless stuff.....lol makes sense i guess.
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You'll probably find parts for that easily due to the fact that Sears sold a ton of those and you're likely to find a bunch more trashed.

I have a NOS carburetor on the way for my Echo and that should take care of a lot of the problems here. I just need a new pull start, an air cleaner boot/adapter and to tidy this baby up a bit and maybe it will fire and run .

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