6 Hp Craftsman Push Mower


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6 Hp Craftsman Push Mower

Someone worked on my mower after they had borrowed it. Gas is freely pouring out of the carburater bowl. It looks like the bowl is out of round our just does not fit right. I've removed it and tightened it as good as it gonna get. Still pours out. Is there something missing?

The guy put a new fuel primer bulb on it when he borrowed it. He said the other was cracked and leaking.

Also, is this a Techumsa engine?

Model Number: 143.996004
Family: WTPXS.1851BA
Displacement: 185
D.O.M.: 9102C

Eager-1 6.0 hp
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you are the second person who is have a simular problem as the first. You should rebuild your carb. Any repair shop has a kit for 10.00 dollars.
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Hello capt_dalton!

Yes, it is a tecumseh engine.

Your inlet needle is not sealing the fuel off when the bowl gets full. This could be because the float is bad, misinstalled, or stuck, or the needle is stuck, or the seat is bad. Remove the bowl and see what is going on...the problem should be fairly obvious. Could be that the needle isn't even installed correctly. Let us know what you find!
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Did you ever fix this?

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