Chain Tightening on Husqvarna Chainsaw


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Chain Tightening on Husqvarna Chainsaw

I'm not that keen on chainsaws but i would like to know how to tighten a chain on a Husqvarna chainsaw. It is an older model but it does saw Professional on the bottom of the chainsaw. It runs great but the chain is loosening as i finished cutting up the first tree but i need to tighten it again so get back to me please. Thanks.
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I am going to let Cheese answer this one for you however I will say this, I think there is a screw somewhere where the chain connects onto the spraket of the unit to tighten the chain.
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Hello moosecat!

On all husqvarna saws I have seen, you loosen the 2 nuts on the side that hold the bar, and tighten the screw that is on the front of the saw, right next to the bar until the chain gets tight enough, then tighten the 2 nuts back up. Don't get the chain very tight needs to be loose enough that it doesn't bind and overheat or sieze. If your chain becomes loose too quickly, it may not be getting oiled. You might want to make sure the oiler is working.
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As Cheese says the screw is right next to the bar. You will most probably have to vlean the area out to find it. It turns a "Dog" which pushs on a small hole in the bar hidden from veiw. Don't loosen the two nuts to much. (Only enough to turn the screw.) Snap the chain and if feels like an elastic it should be okay. The longer the bar the tighter it should be.

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