Guidance needed


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Guidance needed

I'm putting the carb system back on my 4.0 Tecumseh. The only question I have concerns the adjustment of the governor shaft.

I searched this site and found an excellent response to a similar question by 'Sharpadvice' about making sure that the weights inside are reloaded.

Mine is. As I turn the clamp toward the carb I can hear it clank.

Here's where I am: In this position the clamp is horizontal and the screw that holds the gov. shaft is pointed toward the carb. On a clock, it would be at nine o'clock.

Now, when I attach the gov. shaft should it be straight up and down (90 Degree) so its pointing to twelve o'clock? Or should it be at an angle?

I read page 27 of the Tecumseh manual but its a bit murky. I'm not sure how to get the 'follower arm(?)' to rest on the governor spool.

Any response is welcome.

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Well, chalk one up for just 'doin' it'.

You can read about those Tecumseh governors and their linkage all you want, but there's something to be said about just dinkin' around with it until you figure out how it works!

First trial started the engine....but things weren't quite right. But it did get me learned enough so the second pass was the charm.

That's a strong running little machine!

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Glad you got it going! Just for the info to whoever may benefit.... : if at all possible, don't remove, loosen, or try to adjust governor settings. They seldom give any problems unless they get bent or break. Usually if there seems to be a problem with the governor, it is not. It is most often a carb problem.

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