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I am in desperate need of help. I am working on a 6 year old homelite trimmer. I had cleaned the carburetor and trimmed off the cracked part of the fuel line and got it running perfectly. Well, not long after, my uncle said that it would bog down when he gave it the throttle so I once again trimmed off the cracked part of the fuel line (I am sure that I got it right this time!!!) and it started right up. I did notice that it did bog down so I adjusted the two carburetor screws and it ran perfect once again. So I decided that that I will try starting it cold this morning to make sure it runs fine, well, I could never get it started. I was just about ready to see how far I could throw a homelite, then I decided to ask here. What do I do????? I have a bad feeling that something is stuck in the carburetor cause gas drips out when the air filter is removed so there is gas at least getting to the carburetor. I did notice that the primer bulb was cracked and I will replace it but it still was priming the fuel so that isn't the problem. Someone help me!!!!!! I might try cleaning the carburetor again. I have no clue why it could go from starting right up to not even a sputter. It does have good spark. I already have experience with trimmers that won't start unless you spray carb cleaner into the air intake, so I hope this isn't one of them. There are three lawn mower repair shops in my area and I know for sure that two of them won't even touch a string trimmer, I guess they learned their lesson and I have now learned mine. How do I know which one of the two screws is the hi speed and which one is the low speed adjusting screw? HELP!!!!!!!!

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Hello Mower17!

The broken primer bulb will cause it to run is part of the fuel circuit and the engine will suck air through the crack in the bulb. The high speed screw is the screw farthest from the engine, closest to the air filter.

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