Why no air filters on snow-blowers??


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Why no air filters on snow-blowers??

This seems like a bad idea but I notice that most of them don't have one. I imagine they aren't run in dusty conditions but I always thought ANY engine should have an air filter. Thanks.
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I agree with you there. That is the reason why no filters on snowblowers cause you are not going to operate in dusty conditions. However, snow blowers should have air filters just like cars do. Its the same principle, most people do not drive there cars in dusty conditions. However its allways a good idea to have one. Believe me, if you drove your car for a year, and allways staid on the road, you would notice you had a little somethen on the filter. Mabie this is something you could coment on to the companey of your interest that builds snowblowers.
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Beside the snow blowers operating in a dust free environment they also operate in a very wet environment. If they had filters the flying snow would wet the filters and restrict the air flow.

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They even recommend air filters on big marine engines that don't operate on roads at all. You'd be supprised at how much dirt gets into engine filters in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

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