Oil Mixtures


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Oil Mixtures


What is the reasoning for the different oil mixtures

I have equipment that requires 32:1, 40:1 and finally 50:1

Can I use one mixture for all my equipment?

Does the age of the equipment have anything to do with it. The older stuff is the 32:1 and the newest is 50:1. , Emissions ?


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It would be easier if you told us what equipment these oils are going in. Depending on what the oils are going into, my guess is that your piece of equipments requires different mixtures because it will be operated in Cold, Hot, and warm temptures. Please reply with information regarding your equipment. After that Cheese will reply to your message. It will be easier for him to help you better if you give us the info.
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Some people just use a 40:1 mixture no matter what they put it in. There is an oil called AMSOIL. This is a more expensive synthetic oil that uses 100:1 mixture. Some people prefer this oil to the convintional 2-stroke oil. You are right about the new oils having to be more environmentally friendly.
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The 50:1 mix is for an Echo Trimmer and blower

The 40:1 mix is for an Homelite Trimmer and Blower

The 32: mix is Homelite chain saw, Toro snowblower and I had a Trimmer that used that mix.

The only connection I see is the oldest stuff used the 32:1 stuff. The newest stuff uses the 50:1 mix, with the 40:1 stuff in the middle as far as age.

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I use 40:1 in all three of my toys, no matter what the original directions said. One can for mixing and filling = less headaches!

Mac 20 chain saw - 14 yrs old
Homelite back-pac leaf blower - 8 yrs old
Ryobi weed trimmer - about 7 yrs old

They all start and run fine.

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Hello Larry!

Lots of people use 40:1 for everything with good results. The synthetic oil has been pretty well proven at 100:1 ratio. The ratios get leaner as time goes by because of environmental issues, as you suspected.

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