Buying a chainsaw?


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Buying a chainsaw?

I am thinkig about buying a McCulloch chainsaw at home depot the price is 79.99 it is 16 in. and 35cc, what are the pro and cons on this brand?
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I am sorry to tell you but this brand has a very bad rap for being the most cheapest saw on the market. Also, parts can be hard to come by. At one time, these saws were tough and you just couldn't kill them, but now, they are cheaply made and there are rumors that they will stop making them. If you want an inexpensive saw, poulan is very popular and parts are pretty plentiful. Also, if you don't mind a used saw, home depot has a system set up that they send in returned echo brands saws back to the factory and they refurbish them and sell them for way less. Hope this helps!!!!!!
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Hello fiddy dollars!

McCulloch used to be a pretty good consumer grade product. I don't know if they still are or not. They had some problems a little while back, and I had the understanding that they went out of business. Now that the name is starting to show up again, I don't know if it is the same company or not. I guess I'll do some checking about this, because I would also like to know.
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Saws from the mass merchants have their place in this world....however it is not for someone who plans on cutting any amount of wood.....I am not sure of how much wood you plan on cutting, but if you are going to be doing more than just the odd tree to clear the road, I would seriously consider looking for a reputable independant dealer near you. Not only will you get a far superior product (yes at a higher price) but you will get dealer support, access to parts, and he is always there to answer your questions.

my 2 cents
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Good advice and I agree.
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buying a chainsaw

i have two mcoullch chainsaws both 20 is about 15 years old and the other is about 22years old not worth much because of parts they are out of bus. but would not not take nothing for them they are very strong saws run excellet the new one's not very good i would go with somthing else just my opoion
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Mcculloch still in business

Just to add that McCulloch is not out of business. They were bought by the same people who bought Homelite and Murray, which is some company in China. Things aren't going well between the new owners and the distributors; it is next to impossible to get parts, and many distributors have quit servicing Mac parts.
Mac makes good saws, but you do have to factor in parts availability on down the line.
Hope that helps.
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I bought a Mac 3214 (32cc, 14" bar) in 1998 for $100 because it was the cheapest I could find, and I had never used a chainsaw before and figured I didn't need anything fancy. It has been a very reliable tool, the only issue it has had was with the spark plug that needed replacement once because the saw would not warm-start. I've used it to clear parts of our 3 acre yard of 25 year old scotch pines and silver maples (ranging from 6 to 14 inch diameter), and a bunch of nasty buckthorn bushes. As long as the blade was sharp it has chewed right through everything with little effort. I can't accurately quantify how much wood I've cut, except that I use about 1 gallon of gas per year. I've gone through about 10 chains so far, but if you properly sharpen them (I still haven't figured that out fully) the chains would probably last a lot longer. I've heard a lot of bad things about Mac saws, but I personally have no serious complaints with mine. Maybe I just lucked out so far!

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