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briggs fuel prob

I have a 18hp ohv briggs I just put on a golf cart. it idles fine but when u drive it it is really sluggish and when it does get up to decent speed and u let off it backfires bad and then it doesn't want to go again. I have tried a bigger and smaller fuel line and it runs better on the bigger line. I have tried hooking up another fuel pump along with and without the one on the carb. runs better with the one on the carb only. the adjustment scew on the carb i played with and it runs the best almost all the way in. I have tried everything i can think of. the motor originaly was used on a generator and it doesn't have a bowl on the carb. I was thinking that now that it is under a greater load and wasn't designed for this. I a ready to put a atv or snowmobile carb on it which won't be easy. please give advice before i do something drastic thanks mike
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Hello and Welcome mllowe2 to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

I moved your question into this topic so you could get the advice, opinions, suggestions and help of several professionals. My two cents where added solely to provide generic input... & to bring your question back to the topic of the forums list of questions.

Depending upon the model of the engine and it's intended usage when it was designed and built, determines how the engine will run best. An engine built for generators was not and is not internal equiped for the usage you are using it for.

So, as you mentioned, the engine was not built to be used for a go cart engine. Fast acceleration, under heavy loads and or high demands requires different internal parts.

Cams, cam timing, valves, manifolds, exhaust and other parts are not exactly the same on all engine with the same horsepower ratings. Knowing the intended usage and matching it to the engine model is the only method to use, not simply horse power.

I haven't covered all of the possibilities. The other resident small engine service and repair professionals in the forum may be able to offer additional suggestions, advice & help.

Check back on your question several times over the next few days for additional replies.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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Hello Mllowe2!

What model engine do you have? I don't know of any 18HP briggs ever made without a bowl. The bowl on most 18hp briggs engines is made into the lower casting of the carb, but if yours is OHV, it should have a removable bowl.
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I recently got engine running good. I took the carb apart (after reading the forums) and cleaned it.There is a bowl it was around the barrel of the carb. it runs good with good responce and I set the air screw out about 1.25 turns. But i now have a new problem. I was searching the internet a heard of guys putting a smog pump on for a charger.and of course the is no pics or actual steps to do it all hear say. i hooked one up and as soon as u start to blow air in it dies. i tried blowing in the top of the carb, i tried blowing between the carb and the intake thinking it would suck the fuel with it i also made intake so it would blow almost directly into the cylinder where intake bolted on, and i bloted the carb on to the intake of the smog and that sucked the fuel down in. The carb on the smog is the only one the ran at all. it screamed, but u could never get it to idle and make it dependable. you have to play with the gas and the throttle to much. so now i am thinking more pressure for the gas than the air going in. let me know if u have any ideas
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Never tried it. I imagine if you had it pressurize through the carb, it would work, but carb modifications would be required like playing with jet sizes etc...

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