Tecumseh 5HP compression test


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Tecumseh 5HP compression test

Did a compression test on my Craftsman 5/22 snowblower. I got 138psi on a cold engine using the electric starter. Does this sound good? Thanks.
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Hello 951Tom!

I don't know what engine you have, but that reading is great no matter the engine.
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Thanks Cheese. It's just a standard Snow King 5hp Tecumseh. I'll do it again with a hot engine and post my results.
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SnowKing Compression


As Cheese said...that's GREAT compression, and actually
MORE THAN I would expect to see from an engine, new
or otherwise. If the engine spins over freely with that
much compression....you're lucky, and it's surely MORE
than enough for the engine to run. Most engines use
a mechanical compression release to assist with start
up. It helps the engine spin over freely, and then with
centrifugal force, is NOT a factor when the engine is
running. With the MCR working, you usually don't see
100 lbs....much less 138 psi ?? I think, as you so noted,
the cold weather "BUMPS" these readings up a bit, and
when the engine's hot/running temp....your reading
will probably be in the 90-100 lb area. HAPPY BLOWING !!

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Sorry for taking forever but I finally did a hot compression test and saw a best of 122psi using the electric starter. I couldn't find any mention of a compression release in the parts diagram booklet so I'm not sure if I have one. I can hear it slightly surging at full throttle under no load...maybe 50rpm up & down but you can definitely tell it's doing it. Is this normal for a engine controller by a governer? Thanks for the replies.
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Surging Under No Load

50 RPM is pretty insignificant, but NOT....if it gets on
your nerves. Try reducing the high speed about 100-200
RPM's and see if that doesn't help with that, or eliminate
it...altogether. Often, if one's running a bit too fast, this
is the result. Hope this helps !!

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It's very slight and will stop once I engage the auger. I'm not gonna worry about it cause it blows snow great. Why didn't I buy one of these years ago???

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