Tecumseh HM80 Snowblower engine throttle linkage


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Tecumseh HM80 Snowblower engine throttle linkage

I removed the carb to clean it. In doing so, I did not pay enough attention as to which hole the throttle cable was attached to. I made my best guess and reassembled the carb to the mower. I can get the engine started, but it only runs with the choke on. As soon as I open the choke it dies. When it runs with the choke on, it hunts, shoots sparks out of the exhaust. Does this sound like a linkage assembly problem or something else? I did not remove the bowl from the carb or clean the needle valve, I only sprayed and cleaned the butterfly valves to loosen them up. Is there somewhere I can go to view proper linkage connections? I did not remove the governor linkage, only the linkage from the governor arm to the carb. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey Bwas, dont know if this will help you out but i figured Id give it a shot anyways.

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Hello bwasmer!

It sounds to me like you have a carburetor problem. It could be that the linkage is also incorrect, but that should not let it die when choke is off. I think the carb internals need cleaning. Probably, when you removed the carb, trash from in the bowl worked loose and got into the jets and orfices.
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Sorry for reviving an old thread, but this is exactly what is happening to me.

only runs with the choke on....
....hunts, shoots sparks out of the exhaust
If your still around bwasmer what finally fixed it? Or does anybody else have any suggestions.

I usually put fuel stabilizer in the fuel before I store it, but I forgot last season. So of course it wouldn’t start. I cleaned out the carb, shot carb cleaner down all inlets that I could see, disassembled the float bowl and cleaned it. I also stuck some 22 AWG wire down the inlets and hoses to check for obstructions, after cleaning.

Thanks for any assistance.
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Still a carburetor problem. You probably need to clean the tiny holes in the bowl screw (assuming yours has a bowl screw...need to know what kind of engine and model engine you have).
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Hi cheese

I cant locate an exact model number,but I did find the Tecumseh technicians manual. A blow up of the carburetor and surrounding parts for the HMSK80-100 is identical to my 10HP unit.

After repeating disassembly and assembly sparks aren't visible ,but it still needs the choke on. I found when manipulating the governor linkage (manually) it will run (rough) with the choke off.

I think it may have something to do with the governor. I took it apart at night and forced the governor linkage rod out of its hole. I bent it back to its original condition (vise) but I'm not sure if I have it in the right hole where it connects to the carb. I put it in a hole that had visible signs of wear.

They recommend in the manual a procedure for adjusting the governor.I'll follow this and see what happens.


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If you use a Tecumseh rebuild kit, it should come with everything except a float. If you dont, then like cheese said you have to clean the little pin holes on the side of the bowl screw. I used a chunk of copper wire (solid core) for a garage door opener switch. Also, there could be debris stuck behind the welch plug in the bowl which could cause problems. (the rebuild kit comes with new welch plugs too)
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Clean the bowl nut(main jet), I usuall use the wire from a twist tie, check the picture below. Have a good one. Geo
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Tecumseh HMSK80 linkage

How can I find a diagram of the carborator linkage to my 26" MTD Snow Thrower with a Tecumseh HMSK80 Snow King engine that was purchased in 1996? I did not pay enough attention when I disconnected it.
Thanks in Advance!
Farmer Bill

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