Murray 38615B rider

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Murray 38615B rider

My Murray has started throwing the drive belt. The original broke and I replaced it with a real Murray. It throws it MOST, but not all the time when letting out clutch to go forward, but NEVER reverse. Since I had no clue what I was doing, I started futzing around with the star wheel adj near the tranny. All that did was leave me with NO brakes (the neighbors were amused). Can anyone suggest what's up? Can anyone draw a belt routing diagram so I can be sure I've done that correctly? Thanks.
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Be positive you aren,t going around a thin belt keeper. These things are sometimes pretty hard to find (if your not looking for one). Just a thought.
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This is a simple fix. Around the belt pullies you will find square or whatever shape they are things that go down beside the belt. These things make sure the belt stayes on the pullies. What you need to do is get the belt inside of those things. The belt can not be on them only behind them on the pullie. Getting a diagram should be easy. Look up your model number at Murrays website for a operator manual.
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Hello cuffs054!

These guys gave you good advice. It does sound like a belt keeper problem. Look on each pulley. The belt should be in between the metal tab and the pulley on each pulley. If it is not, it will jump off, and in most cases it will destroy the belt. If the belt is on the proper side of the keepers, then press the clutch pedal down and lock it. Then check the belt on each pulley. If there is enough room between the keeper and the pulley for the belt to come out with no force, then the keeper needs to be bent or adjusted to be closer to the pulley...close enough to keep the belt from falling out when the clutch is depressed, but not close enough to scrub the belt or pulley when the clutch is released.

The star wheel is only a brake adjustment, as you found out, lol. Adjust it back to get brakes. If the brakes are on the right side (while sitting on the mower) then the star wheel should turn counter clockwise (when viewed from front of mower) to tighten the brake adjustment.

BTW: I saw this on the "other board" you posted on. Sounds like their answers are basically the same thing...belt keeper problems.

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Cheese, thanks for the info on the brakes. That was the second time the neighbors were treated to my fat butt crashing into tree and truck! I did indeed bend keeper out of the way when I installed belt. I will check to make sure they are in correct position. Any recommendation of how to bend them back? (hammer?)
THIS JUST IN! New problem. Ignition key no longer turns engine off. I have to choke engine to stop. Any ideas whether it's switch or ground?
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On the majority of transaxles on these tractors, the trans is held
on with 4 bolts at the axles as well as one toward the front.
Look at the front left and you will likely see the frame broken
out where the trans is bolted, so the cure will require welding
of drilling and installing a stiffener plate. It is quite common on
these newer {even cheaper} Murrays.
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Fisher, thanks for the follow up. I will check that. I'm thinking if you are correct, it may well be the end of the line for the beast!
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Not really, just go to a hardware store and buy a steel plate
and bolt it to the frame and trans, it is a good repair.
The main thing is that you confirm that I am correct, so I
can baste my ego online.
If I am incorrect about my prognosis, help me out and let it drop.
Just kidding, let us know what you find.
I have seen the broken frame a lot this year though.

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