tecumseh fly wheel 10 hp engine


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tecumseh fly wheel 10 hp engine

While removing my fly wheel (from 10hp engine), I broke one of the fins. Can I reuse this fly wheel since the rest of the fly wheel is fine? What are fins for?
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Yes, the flywheel is definiately still good. The fins act like a fan to blow air through the fins under the shroud to cool the engine.
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Hello dcapp!

If the fins are plastic, then I agree with Mower17, it can be used again. If this engine has cast iron fins on the flywheel, I wouldn't use it because it throws the flywheel out of balance significantly, enough that it may wear out the engine block crankshaft bearing quickly.
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I think Cheese hit the nail on the head.
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If the flywheel is cast iron and vibrates badly, you might try breaking off a fin on the opposite side. Just remimber that you will be compromising your cooling a little bit.
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Personally, I wouldn't want to use a broken flywheel if for no other reason than this: What if the break caused enough imbalance, stress, or whatever, that the flywheel broke apart. Imagine a heavy cast iron wheel turning 32000 rpm flying apart in pieces. Schrapnel. I don't know that it would ever happen, but the thought of it is enough to make me leery.

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