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re: pressure washer tips

Hello All:

I picked up my new pressure washer today and while reading the manual (yep, some of us actually pore over them) ran across an interesting tip I of which I think others should be aware.

The manufacture recommends using "pump saver" or RV antifreeze before storing in cold areas.

I wondered and called the dealer as it is a brand new unit and will be in a heated area until Spring.

As the unit was new and all they did was add oil, had felt I would not want petrol in it until I use it in the Spring. Good decision on their part.

Anyway, the dealer thanked me for calling and apologised for not adding pump saver. He also said some manufacturers can be difficult on warranty issues if there is any pump damage caused by not using it, and that ANY pressure washer stored for 30 days or more in winter should have this done--even if they have never been used as rings and seals can dry out.

Now all I need is Spring. Having this nice new pressure washer here and not being able to use it is like being a kid with a new train set at Christmas in a home with no electricity.'s an Excell XR 2500 and manufacured by DeVilbiss.

5 HP Honda GC 160 engine and while it comes with a 25 ft hose they threw in a 50 ft industrial hose as well, and dropped the price to $179 as a holiday gift to a good customer. I know the real deal is they are so busy with snowblowers they don't have room for anything else and need the space.

And is new and not a refurb and has a full warranty.

I asked how much it had been before being marked down and they guy could not recall, just said his boss liked cash flow.

Ohhh..they have been in business since I was a kid and are not in financial trouble. OTOH they are not greedy and are good businessmen.

Anyone have an idea how much one of these things usually sells for?

I looked around the net, and units that have comparable specs (2500 PSI, 2.5 GPM.) It's not at the level of the Delta industrial unit I was looking at but will pay for itself.

I'm am curious to know how much they sell for in different areas of the country. Seems to me I saw one at Home Depot and it was up around $500, but I could be wrong.

Still know it was a good value as the useless 1600 PSI electric units sell for about as much as I paid

Happy Holidays,

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That's a horable pressure washer, but I'll be nice and will take it off your hands for $50. Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!! On home depots web site an excell 2500psi is listed at $417. I remember my dad bought that same unit at home depot for about $450-$500, plus he bought the 50 foot long hose which was about $60. He has had that pressure washer for a few years and it works great. It blasts cement clean to the point that it's white without any trouble. Before this unit he had a very old 1000 psi electric pressure washer and there is just no comparison to this gas powered unit. Plus his came with about 4 or 5 tips. The only thing that went wrong so far is that the little suction tube that you can drop one end into a bucket of soap and the other end is connected to the water pump always has a way of getting near the muffler until one day the muffler burned a hole in it. So be careful of that. Other than that it starts on the second or third pull and keeps going. Have fun with the new toy!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds like you got a great deal! I am not a pressure washer authority , but I'm sure it's normally over $350.00. If the one mower saw at HD website is the same model, then I'd say you got an extremely good deal.
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I agree with you guys on that one!

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