brigs starter squeels


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brigs starter squeels

I own three or four lawn tools with brigs engines. All of them have one problem in common. They all get this LOUD high pitched scream and the starter rope wants to come back out. Ive taken the ratchet thing off the crank shaft and cleaned them out ,oiled them, or wiped them off, tried to center the blower housing better, tightened the pull cord one or two turns then unwound them one or two turns. I cant seem to get rid of that noise. what gives? Thanks for any help
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Did you just replace the ignition points recently and when you did remove the flywheel did you give the crank a fairly sharp blow with a hammer to release the flywheel from the crank?
It's very possible that the crank has become a little mushroomed at the end and when the motor is running, the crank is grabbing the starter clutch and spinning it around. What I do in this case is file and emery cloth the end of the crank plus there should be a little felt plug inside the starter clutch which I would lubricate.
You stated everything was clean so we don't have to worry about that.
Hope this helps.

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Hello rcg!

It is a problem with the cranking ratchet scraping the extension on the end of the crankshaft. Like mentioned, you may do well to use some sandpaper/emery cloth to clean the shaft, clean out the hole in the ratchet, and drop a few drops of 30 wt oil into the ratchet hole. It the hole in the ratchet seems to be worn out, replace it.

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