Leaf blower on snow?


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Leaf blower on snow?

Has anyone ever tried using a (strong) leaf blower on snow? If so, what was the out come and your opinion?
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Actually up here in the north I see them used quite often. They work the best if you get to the driveway or what ever you are clearing right after the snow has fallen and it hasn't had a chance to pack down yet.

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I use my small gas powerd one to blow snow from outdoor projects.
If you were to try to use one for snow removal the amount of snow it would be capable of moving would not be great.
The depth of snow it could move would be in the range of that you could sweep with a household broom, provided it didn't sit for long as snowman suggested.
Have watched them clean cars of snow at a dealership and even the large commercial backpack units would struggle to move the snow.
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While digging my car out of the snow at the train station one afternoon, a car pulled up and a guy tossed on his back-pack blower and cleared off a car and left. I assume it was his wife's car. He was gone in no time.
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I've pondered this idea b4 but never tried it. I've got a 10 year old yard tool and he removes snow and cuts grass pretty good and only costs me $7.00 a week.
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Well, back to ground Zero, i need another brilliant idea, LOL.
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re: leaf blowers for snow

Hello Changeling:

Sounds like an interesting idea to me, but one that will only work for dryer lighter snow.

I live south of Lake Ontario and when we get a Lake Effect storm in 30 degree weather the stuff is like cement.

That said, I do plan to pull my Echo blower out of winter storage and give it a try.

Thanks for the tip!


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I've heard that Eskimos have 200 different words for snow. The kind we usually have here in Iowa wouldn't blow with a leaf blower for very long or work for very deep snow. Snow that has been on the ground from more than a few hours seems to get a crust on top that would make blowing difficult. Sometimes we get lots of snow to remove because it's 25 below zero and the wind is blowing 50 mph. It won't actually snow with such cold weather because the air can't hold enough moisture. Roads get blocked shut just the same because of the dry blowing snow from the surrounding fields. A leaf blower might work on a snow like that.

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