B&S 13HO Elec Start Doesn't


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Question B&S 13HO Elec Start Doesn't

My Sears Craftsman lawn tractor with Briggs 13HP engine won't start. Turning the key results in just a dull buzz - no turn at all of the starter motor. Applying my battery charger directly to the starter results in it turning - so would seem that's OK!?!? Could this simply indicate the battery needs a good charge? How would I know if the starter solenoid needed replacement?

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Yes, your battery probably just needs a good charge. Other causes of this would be a faulty solenoid, dirty/loose connection, etc. If the solenoid was bad, the engine wouldn't spin over when you would turn the key no matter how much you would charge the battery. One way to test the solenoid would be to take a screwdriver and jump the two terminals so you would in effect be bypassing the solenoid. But it your case, it's just a low battery. If you live in an area where it gets really cold this time of year, then the battery might not be putting out it's rated amperage cause at a certain temperature, a battery will put out way less than it is rated at.
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Alright... Good stuff. I'll stick the battery on teh charger for a while and see what happens! Thanks!
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Hello JIntorcio!

Mower is right. Sounds like a dead battery. You might be able to charge it ok, but lawn and garden batteries don't usually last much more than 3 years, and many go bad before that. If your battery is 2 years old or more, I would reccomend replacing it to avoid the hassle of having to charge it every time you try to start it after it has been sitting unused for a while.
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Making progress...

Well... Thanks Cheese... But I think I'm getting somewhere. The mower hadn't been run in more than a year so... It doesn't surprise me too much that the battery would loose its charge in that time. I put my voltmeter on it yesterday and it read about 4 volts. I also realized I had been trying to boost it with my charger set to 6V instead of 12V. Now it's been on the bench with the charger on it for 20 hours or so. Voltmeter reads 13.5V!!! I'm gonna leave it on there a bit longer just for good measure and then I'll plop it back in the mower and give it a try! And we'll see if the charge holds!

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