MTD snowblower problems


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Unhappy MTD snowblower problems

Hi I have a MTD snowking with a tecumseh 3hp 2 stroke engine. This season it seems to be running very fast when not under load so fast it sounds like the piston is about to come through the head. Anyone know how to slow down these engines or what is cuasing this problem, there is no throttle on this modle
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Let's check the easiest thing first: How does the fuel smell? If it has a real bad smell chances are that the fuel is gone bad.
If you can remove a cover/shroud so that you can see the carb linkages and/or governor spring you can check to see if it is binding or just a little gummy from old or bad fuel. It will have a minimal amount of pressure on the linkage due to the fact that the throttle system is controlled by the governor.
The throttle will (when the machine is not running) be in a full throttle position but you should still be able to move it back and forth fairly freely. Any binding or sticking then I would think about removing the carb and cleaning it.
If that looks good then the next possibility is a leaking gasket or seal which would allow air to be sucked into the motor causing a lean condition and that can cause it to run fast,plus if you ran it too long in a lean condition you could possibly do damage to the internal parts of the engine.
Two cycle motors are a little trickier than four cycles expecially when setting up the carb after a rebuild. You can run a four cycle lean with no problem except loss of performance but with a two cycle running too lean will cause damage to the motor.
If you don't feel comfortable checking it out, explain your situation to your local small motor dealer but if you decide to tackle it yourself, I'd recommend the Tecumseh mechanics 2 cycle manual.
It is very good reading and worth the money.

Hope this helps


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