governer unresponsive


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governer unresponsive

I have got a 7 horse techumseh(143-696102)ser.9124c that was
stored outside for some time,Iwent threw it by rebiulding the carb
changed oil,gas pulled the head,valves and cleaned(stuck intake
valve) I put it back together and fired right up,runs good.
the throttle is free but i noticed when i put it under load the governer isnt pulling or pushing anything,when you take the linkage off and rev it the governer just lays there.
before i go exploring into the motor. Is this common,uncommon
What would i expect to find failed.


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The govoner is supposed to move I believe that is its purpose to keep the engine from conking out or tearing apart. Cheese will give you detailed instructions soon.
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When you put the engine under load the governor should advance the throttle perhaps to full depending upon the extent of the load. The governor is two flyweights that move out due to centrifugal force and pushes against a spring that is connected to the throttle linkage. You should ,for sure, see the throttle linkage move by the governor when going between no load and full load. That might be hard to see directly on some engines. If there is no movement it could be that the flyweights are stuck or the little thimble is frozen on the shaft it rides on. Before you start the engine the throttle linkage should be holding the CARB at full throttle and when the engine starts the governor will close off most of that throttle to run the engine at a reasonable no load speed by the centrifugal force acting against a spring on the throttle linkage. When you advance the throttle manually you are only changing the tension of that spring which the governor pushes against. If the governor ISN'T working for some reason you could expect a radical change in speed between no load and full load. If the engine is running at a reasonable speed at no load and the governor is stuck you could expect the engine to bog down and almost quit when a load is applied because the governor can't advance the throttle to maintain constant speed in the face of the increasing load.
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Hello trik90!

You have good advice from jughead. If the shaft coming out of the engine that the governor arm is attatched to will not move when you run the engine, it could be that it is all the way back. Move it so that it it would make the carburetor go to full throttle if it were connected. Then start the engine while holding the governor arm in this position. Rev the engine and see if it moves. If not, you have internal problems. (as long as the governor arm is clamped tightly to the shaft).
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You also might want to check the oil slinger/governer inside the engine. you cannot reach this by taking the head off though. you must remove the side panel of the engine. inside will be a plastic wheel with two metal weights that fling out as the cam shaft turns the wheel which also oils the crank shaft and connecting rod. if these two weights do not move freely then they will not move the throttle rod.
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Thanks guys

Thanks for the info, I do believe that this is an internal problem.
After talking to the owner of this machine(buddy i am trying to help out) he said when he tryed to start it he forced the linkage
to idle and no governer since then.
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Do you plan to fix it? If so, let us know how it goes! It shouldn't be hard to do.
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Yes after the snow

Yes, after the snow that is suppose to come through here(IL)
My bull headed buddy does not want it down for the snow.
So if he does not overrev it and blow it up i will be doing this
project soon and i will let you guys know what happens.
Iam courious myself what happened inside.

(sorry for the double post ,that darn back button gets every time)

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Ok, keep us updated! I removed the double post for you.

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