Tecumseh Snow King Problem


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Tecumseh Snow King Problem

A friend of mine and I rebuilt his H60 Tecumseh engine today. It is on an old Homko snow blower and suddenly over reved last season and threw the rod. We pulled it apart, replaced the rod and rings, honed the cylinder lightly (just enough to break the glaze) replaced all the gaskets and cleaned the carb. We also drained and flushed the tank, installed a new fuel line and an in line gas filter.

Reassembled the engine and low and behold it started on the first pull. When we took it off choke it wanted to over rev. We adjusted the carb and linkages including the governor according to the Tecumseh repair manual for medium frame engines (were able to find the exact carb in the manual) and the over rev condition is not quite as bad but the engine will not run at all unless the choke is at least partially on. We checked for air leaks and when we had the carb off for cleaning we shook it to see if the diffusion tube or ball check in the idle circuit rattled and they did. The white nylon governor gear and weights checked out ok when we had the crankcase open and the governor appears to be free and working. We removed the carbon from the head and cleaned up the valve tops which were in amazingly good condition. The seats ,springs and lifters appear to be in great shape and we have tons of compression.

What 's the cure ? I know it sounds like too lean but the carb responds to jet adjustments as long as you don't take it all the way off choke.


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Man you have a good and interesting situation. One thing I would check is the governor spring and the location of it. Is it in the proper hole on the governor arm? Has the spring possibly been modified and it now has too much tension. I would check out a new spring and even try it in the lower of the holes on the governor arm.. You've done everything by the book it seems and it all checks out.
Does your governor/throttle linkage( when the throttle lever is in the off position) move really freely. When you put it to full throttle does it have pressure but not tons with the motor not running.
I'm interested in how you make out.

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What about the carb float level? Maybe the fuel level is too low in the bowl & takes a little more suction than normal so you have to use a little choke.
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Hello Marc!

I think you have a carburetor problem because you stated : "and the over rev condition is not quite as bad but the engine will not run at all unless the choke is at least partially on.". If the choke must be partially on for the engine to run, then it is restricted or there is an air leak between the carb and the engine. A valve clearance issue could also cause this, but you wouldn't have the over-rev condition, so I think you still have carb trouble.

The carb may not be responsible for the overrev though, just the no-run without choke. The overrev may be caused by the spring snoman mentioned, or a bent governor linkage, etc... The stronger that spring is, and the farther it stretches, the higher the rpm will be.
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You stated in your initial commentary that "the engine
over-revved and broke the conn rod"....You didn't mention
repairing the governor or working on it. As engine RPM's
INCREASE, you should be able to FEEL the governor arm
being FORCED in the direction of the carburetor that will
CLOSE the throttle. If can FEEL the internal governor
PUSHING against your finger, this will tell you that is IS
WORKING. If you CANNOT FEEL any resistance on the
governor arm when the engine speeds up....then you
have an internal governor problem. As others have said,
you may also have the linkage in the WRONG hole on
the throttle plate of the throttle shaft. Governor spring
could also be stretched or damaged. Determine IF (?) the
governor IS WORKING...and then lead to possible carb
problems from there.

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Thanks for the advice guys. As you fellows suggested there were two different issues:

1)We originally set the governor "half arm" (the one that attaches with the screw to the three sided arm that connects to the post that comes out of the crankcase) to be exactly in line with the three sided arm. If you set the half arm offset in one direction it speeds up and in the other direction it slows down. We reset it in the slow direction about 15 degrees and locked it in place with its mounting screw. It is visually unlike the picture in the manual and it looks a little funky because it is off at an angle instead of being straight but the governor now works perfectly with no over revving at all.

2)We now turned our attention to the choke needing to be closed partially in order to keep the engine running. Opened the main jet adjustment a quarter turn and opened the choke all the way. Runs great.

The Machine is a Homko Polar Bear 26"Deep Bite. It was produced by AMF Western Tool Inc. and carries the model number 1361-0200. It has an auxiliarry auger above the main auger that has a counter rotation to the main auger. Kind of like a motorized drift cutter. It also has the standard impeller fan and a remotely adjustable rotation on the chute. If you look at it from the front it is an awesome sight to see those two augers comming at you turning in opposite rotations.

The frction disk is a little tired and we are looking for a spare . It is 6 inches in diameter with six holes for bolting it between the two metal plates it rides between. The hex shaft the disk assembly rides on is 3/4 of an inch in diameter. The face of the rubber disk is 1/2 inch wide and the total width of the disk with the two metal plates bolted together is 7/8 of an inch.

Any ideas as to what disk we could us in place of the original would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all,

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Not sure, but you could look into the snapper riding mower drive disks. It sounds like, by your description, that one of theirs might fit well. Might even be exactly the same. I have found that snapper isn't the only one who uses those disks.

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