Tractor Runs Rough at High RPM


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Tractor Runs Rough at High RPM

Need some carb help (I think!) here. I've got a Carter Model N carburetor on a Kohler K241. The tractor runs great at idle to just below mid-range speed. Once it starts getting into the higher revs, it starts missing and running rough. Also puffs out some black smoke.

There is a small glass sight bowl just outside of the tank, which has a nice layer of sediment in it. I'm thinking the carb has the same, and this is what is causing the miss?

Do I remove the screw on the bottom of the float bowl while it's still mounted on the engine to see what's in there, or remove the carb first? I've not messed with one yet. If it's full of sediment, do I then remove the carb, and give it a good disassembly and cleaning?

Thanks for the help!
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re: high speed issue


As the sight bowl has sediment I would nearly bet the farm the carb does too.

I'm guessing if you pull the carb and clean it your problems will go away.

Carb issues are the number one problem on small engines that don't run right (if they have spark and good compression.)

Good luck and do repost if you have a problem.
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You need to clean your carb really really well. Don't forget that a carb has jets and it has a needle valve that seats in there. If you don't clean it thourghly, you will have to do it all over again. I suggest using automotive Gumout spray. This stuff works really well and worth your money. I would also use a very soft brissle brush to clean in there as well.
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Thanks, guys. I thought as much. Should I get a rebuild kit for new gaskets and such, or if I'm careful can I reuse them? I'll give it a go and let you know what happens.

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I would reccomend rep,lacing those gaskets. It's an old carb, and if the gaskets come off intact, they probably need replacing anyway.

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