Auger shaft bearings/bearings in general


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Auger shaft bearings/bearings in general

After reading Snow man 53's thread on his Ariens belt replacement and his finding one of the bearings in pieces it occurs to me that my machine makes no provision for greasing or oiling any of the shaft bearings.The parts blow up diagram shows both ball bearings held in sandwich type carriers and some bronze bearings.

My old machine was a 1970's vintage Simplicity and had a zerk fitting on every bearing except the auger drum which you oiled.
My current machine makes no such provisions.Is there any recommended way to service these bearings or should they just be left alone? It would be a big hassel to take apart the bearing support sandwiches to get to them. The service section of the manual mentions nothing. The machine is a pre MTD Troy-Bilt model#42010-8 HP,24".

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There are lots of sealed bearings in this world now. I don't like them myself and don't think that they last as long as a greased bearing, but that is the way they are designed. Unless you can confirm with a visual inspection that the bearing is bad I wouldn't mess with them.
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The only tiem I have ever seen zerts on any small engine equipment, was on expensive equipment. I am talking Kabota diesal lawn tractors. Big tractors. Anything less expensive do not have zerts. Thats part of how they are cheaper! I have seen zerts on a $5,000 dollar lawn tractor by John Deer. But no model had them bellow that price range. I think you have to spend $1,500 for a high quality snow blower to get zerts. Anyway thats how I see it.
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Hello Marc!

You probably have sealed bearings as jughead said. They are non-serviceable. Things are being made this way because so many people don't take care of their equipment and take time to grease things like they should, so bearings would go bad prematurely. Many lawn mowers, some cheap ones included, do have grease zerks on steering components, wheels, and blade mandrels, but they have sealed bearings nonetheless. They can be greased all day long, but the grease never gets into the bearing anyway. When one goes bad, replace it. Otherwise, there's not much you can do except make sure they don't get wire or anything wrapped around the shaft next to them. That tends to tear the seal up and moisture and dirt gets in and makes quick work of the bearings.
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I guess that says it all-Thanks

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Hello Marc:

I've learned that original bearing on my impeller shaft was not sealed and could be greased fairly easily on annual service by tilting forward what I call the "front end" (ie. auger housing.)

That said, my Ariens is 25 yrs old and ONLY sealed bearings were available (and made in China at that.)

I'm not fond of sealed bearings so did gently prise off one of the seals, packed with a grease I liked and reinstalled the seal.

I can say I was not happy with the type or quantity of grease when I removed the seal.

Tip: don't recall if I mentioned it before, but if the old bearing is basically intact you can save a good few dollars by purchasing a replacement from a local bearing supplier.

I paid $20.65 for the bearing and if I'd had the time and IF the bearing had not been in bits could have easily found a better quality from a local bearing supplier for about $6 to $7 tops.

I love the local shops here who specialise in selling one thing like bearings--or the one I frequent that ONLY sells fasteners.

Good Luck, and if you can't find the bearing but can get a number off of it repost and I'll let you know of a supplier in my area who would definitely have one.


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