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Angry stating problem

hi, i'm new to this forum. any way i have a 1991 snapper riding mower with a 14 hp. engine ohv. here is my problem, it cranks just fine but won't start, i put fresh new fuel in it, the tank was dry, i checked for fuel supply to the carb no problem there, so i put a little fuel in the carb and it started and ran untill fuel was gone, but after that it still won't start, there is a filter inline, but there is fuel getting to the carb, also i noticed a milky liquid in the throat of the carb, i dont know if this water? also there is a connector on the bottom of the fuel bowl with a wire plugged into it. i checked the oil and it's clean. any info about this problem would be helpful. thanks
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re: starting issue

Hello Yuba:

This sounds like a carb problem to me. I'd recommend boiling out the carb, replacing the inline filter and using fresh fuel. "boiling out" I was referring to removing the carb and cleaning it in a commercial ultrasonic unit--an option that may not be available to you.

What you might do is remove the float bowl, needle etc and use a good carb cleaner.

Good luck and let us know how you make out. must live in a place much warmer than I do if you are working on a garden tractor in January.


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All you need to clean your carb really well is automotive gumout spray and a very soft brissle brush. Clean it very well. Don't brake anything inside there! When you get it back on and don't know about carb adjustments than you can just ask us and we will give you the info.
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Hello yuba46!

The milky stuff in the carb is partly water. The piece with the wire connected to it under the carb is a fuel shutoff solenoid. You will need a thin 1/2" wrench to remove it. Once removed, you can pull the carburetor bowl off. In it you will probably see rust, dirt, and water. Dump it and clean it well. You may need to clean the entire carb and replace the fuel needle. Also, you need to make sure you have 12volts to the shutoff solenoid, and make sure it activates. When you get it off, plug it back in and turn the ignition on. Touch the body of the solenoid to the engine block. If it clicks and the little needle sticking out of it moves, then it is working. If not, clean it well and make sure it is getting power. If there is spilled or leaking gas, don't do this test until it has dried and the leak has stopped because when you touch it to the engine, it will create a tiny spark if it is getting power.
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hey, snowman53, no it's pretty cold here and we have 15 inches of snow on the ground, my snapper rider has a snow plow on it, just getting ready to do a lot of plowing.
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hello, cheese, well you called it right, i removed the carb and got the fuel bowl off and it was solid ice, i cleaned it up and got all the ice out of it i checked the float and the needle, the were still in petty good shape, had to buy a new bowl gasket, but that was it. checked out the fuel shutoff switch it works fine, fires up fine now. do you have any suggestions on a good gas de-icer, either there is water in the new gas i just got or the can had water, i had the fuel line disconnected and i noticed ice crystals forming on the out side.

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Glad you got it fixed!

I Live in the south where anti-freeze additive is not needed, but I have heard of a product called Heet, which is supposed to work well if you mix it with the gas according to the directions.

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