Fogging oil


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Fogging oil

I just noticed a different product...Sta-Bil Fogging oil. The claims that they make sounds pretty good. I would just like to know if anyone out there has tried this product...if so, what do you think about it. I don't know any details other than you can spray it in your spark plug hole and it will prevent any seizing in your cylinder for the cold weather months. I personally have never had problem with this but I feel sure that it could happen.
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I haven't used the the brand fogging oil you specified, but I have used a different brand. Fogging oil is designed to be sprayed on metal to preserve it. I tore down the engine in my chevy pickup. While I was waiting for parts I sprayed the whole block down with fogging oil and put a plastic garbage over it to keep it from rusting. That's where you use that product.
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I use it every year when I park my boat for the winter. Not that particular brand. It gets sprayed into the carburetor while the engine is running. Smokes like crazy and then you shut off the engine. You can also spray it direct into the cylinder while cranking over the engine with the spark plugs removed.
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Hi Jack!

I've never used it, and have never had one sieze because of not using it. I suppose it could be good insurance, especially for long term storage or in conditions like Jughead mentioned with the engine block.

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