husqvarna 55 no spark


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husqvarna 55 no spark

Hello the problem of the day is my chainsaw. This was operating and as I was using it the power seemed to be diminishig. finally died totally. OK then I'm a know it all and decide to trouble shoot it. Check the spark seems a little weak - pick up a new plug. No difference. try new plug in my other saw good spark. ok its not the plug then. I know I'll check the points and condenser. pull the coil and lift off the flywheel. Hey no points or condenser ok I guess 2 cycle engines don't use em. put back together. Oh oh no spark at all - check coil continuity between ground and primary and secondary of coil. hmmm.. look on line oh there is no points or condenser but there is a proper air gap needed between flywheel and coil what could it be? does anyone know the proper air gap needed on this model 55 (not a rancher). and/or is there any thing else for me to check. incidentally I was usng the other saw ( husky rancher model 44) the same day using the same fuel so I don't think its a fuel problem and the spark on these two was dramatically different. Thanks in advance for the assistance
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Usually the propper air gap is about .010". The coil could be faulty. What could be happening is that the heat from the engine melts the solder in the coil and causes it to not opperate correctly. Do you have good spark when the saw is cold? Older saws used points and condensors.
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It did seem to run better cold - course that was before I messed with the gap. Thanks for the gap info I'll give it a try
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Your right on the fact this might all be dew to a electrical problem, but I still would not rule out the possibility that your carb need a major cleaning. I would take apart the carb and clean it really well, than aftor that, make sure your carb is adjusted properly and see what happens after that. If you still have a problem, it most likely is your coil. Many people have had problems with coils on 2 cycle engines because not only is the coil even closer to the engine block than on a 4 cycle, but the 2 cycles get alot more hotter when you run the engine at full throttle.
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Hello John!

I have described classic coil breakdown symptoms. There are no points or condenser on that saw, as you discovered. It is all controlled by a solid state module contained in the coil casing. Unplug the kill wire from the coil and check for spark. If you still don't have spark, the coil is bad.
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John, while you are tinkering with the coil to see if you have spark, pop the muffler off of the saw, as it only takes a couple minutes, and make sure the piston is clean and free of any scoring. It is my recollection that the 55 had a strong coil, and only extreme temperatures would effect them.

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