mowers - FWD vs RWD


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Question mowers - FWD vs RWD

I have always had a rear driven lawn mower. Used a front driven one once and didn't really care for it. I have noticed that the majority of the lawn mowers on the market today are front wheel driven. Is there some advantage to this that I don't know about?
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My opinion is I prefer fwd. For cornering or in a tight spot, you just tilt the deck back and take the pressure off the front wheels and you can move it. but with the rwd you would have to lift the back end and with a full bag of grass that would get mighty heavy.or disengage the drive
I've had my craftsman for about 8 years now and I'm quite happy with it except it doesn't have the suction for bagging that I'd like but I can live with that.

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I prefer Rear Wheel drive. The reason is traction. I was using someone elses walk behind crafstman mower one time. It was front wheel drive. It was constantly losing traction on the slants and when going up hill. and when I tried to turn it also lost traction. Whats nice about rear wheel drive on those things is that you don't lose traction! I can pull the mower back and while I am making the turn, it is moving forward still! Which makes things go faster vs complete stop and turn and go.

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