re: snow for sale


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re: snow for sale


THis is NOT spam (how many times have you heard that?)

Here is my advert...please have a sense of humor

For Sale:

Snow, in unlimited quanties.
Condition: Some used, some fresh and new
Shipping: You load and haul away.
Location: Upstate NY

Note: free ice gifts included, but Snow Sculpture Weekend has been postponed as we have too much snow (this part is absolutely true and NOT a joke.) It's a big event here but HAS been cancelled as there is no place to do it.

Cheerio and have a GREAT weekend!

Laugh, hug your family or dog and enjoy life.

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re: price of snow


Forgot to mention it's free.

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It was about 70 here today.
Another reason that I'm a Southener. LOL
I just don't do snow.
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You don't know what you are missing.
Just think a nice crisp clear dayaround -20C with 10 or 20 cm's of fresh snow and an Ariens don't get much better.

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I don't know how you can stand that kind of weather, lol! I like it 50 and above. I've had many many people tell me that 25 degrees in south Georgia is much colder than 0 degrees in other parts of the country. Maybe it's the humidity or something. I stay inside and throw a log in the stove.
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i was in ft benning georgia and coming from chicago. i did basic there and I froze my butt off
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You want cold? Try summering in Antarctica ... my mid-life crisis!

Worst day early in the season with a Herbie coming in ... that's what they call a blizzard ... 70 MPH wind and -42 F. I forget what the wind chill was for that but you didn't go outside that's for sure.

Then later on in the season we were walking to/from the chow hall in shirt sleeves ... it was in the +30's F ... unusually warm for down there.

But I didn't live there forever, just five months. Oh, did I mention that the sun never set during that period?

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