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I got a interesting question for all you out there. I have two riding mowers now, and I do alot of mowing with them on my services. However, I have people that want me to get it done really quickly! Even though my Kabota does go much faster than my Murray, I use the Murray in the tight areas where the Kabota can not get into. I use the Kabota alot too. I usually use it in much open areas. The Kabota comes with a 54inch deck. But because a few places I do services for are small farms, I wanted to get the job done faster so I bought a adaptor unit that you can install which will allow for a 62 inch deck. With all the HP it has it can handle that much grass just fine! Anyway I digress. Now, because the Murray only has a top speed of 5MPH, and uses a manual transmition, what do I do to increase the speed so I can get these jobs done faster. I don't want to go 25 miles an hour on this thing! I just want it to reach 10MPH. People get mad when I charge them $100.00 dollars because it took alot of time to mow 2 acres! LOL
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I believe this question has been asked and answered a number of times here. You can only go so far until the engine says enough and quits on you.

Short of a new engine you can only get but a little extra from tinkering. If you want to double your speed go for a bigger engine.

Let me remind you of your horsepower thread and Jughead's informative speech on thermodynamics ... it wasn't built for that type of use. Well not for long anyway!
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As tea said, you must make sure you have the ponies to handle the speed or the job will (and the mower) suffer.

You can however gain a bit of speed just by changing your pulleys in the drive system. Go to a ...(let me think here...lol..) larger front pulley and a smaller rear? yeah thats it..lol....or if you have a chain drive, go to a smaller sprocket on your rear axle.
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No one need remind me about HP, thats over with and I have that knoledge. However if your grass is not 5 inches long, you can go 10MPH and cut all the grass without the engine bogging down. a 8HP engine can be quite resourful. Larger pully in the front and smaller and the rear ha? How does that make a difference? Can you teach me?
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That's assuming the tranny is behind the engine, but that's not your case. You'll want a smaller pulley on the front (transmission pulley) and/or a larger one on the engine.

If a pulley 12 inches around rotates one time, it moves 12 inches of belt, right?

If a pulley 6 inches around moves 6 inches of belt per revolution, then it will only turn the transmission half as fast as a pulley 12 inches around. Its just simple drive ratios. Change the diameter of the driving pulley to change the rpm of the device being driven, or change the pulley of the driven pulley to the same effect. Or do both.

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