removing tractor blade


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removing tractor blade

I purchased a used 4-yr old Sears 42" 16 HP riding mower. I'ts been highly reliable, however, I need to do some maintenance this winter before the new season starts. I have the owners manual, however, would appreciate advice on the following.

1. What is best way to remove the blade from the deck? I would like to replace it or have it sharpened. Do you lave to jack up the tractor or is there a "trick" to doing this. Any tips are appreciated.

2. Do you need to replace the spark plug each year?

3. Should you "level" the deck? How do you find out if you even need to "level" it?

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1. I drive the front up on a ramp or something to give me room for my arms under the deck; lock the brakes and block the wheels. Clean the dried grass off the bolt with putty knife or screwdriver, spray some WD40, don my leather gloves to keep from trimming my knuckle hairs, grab the blade near the wrench with my left hand to hold it and pull the wrench toward me with my right. Gives me a lot of leverage that way since my hands are close together.

2. I don't. Just take a look at it to see if it's fouled and maybe check the gap.

3. It's a good idea to check it. If it gets bad enough you'll see that it's cutting one side higher than the other. There are gauges that measure the blade height but all they really do is provide an easy shape to poke under the deck and the butt up against the bottom of the blade. You may be able to concoct another way to do the same thing. Check it front and back. What you want is for the front to be slightly lower than the back (1/2" or so) and the same height side to side. It's tempting to measure the deck lip but I don't trust it--could be bent. I also adjust my deck wheels so I have between 1/4" and 1/2" clearance when sitting on level concrete.
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thanu u much "slider".
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You only have to replace a high quality sparkplug once every two years. A low quality sparkplug every year. The only way you can susspect a plug to be fouled, is if you smell alot of gass, flooding, or you know you engine is burning oil. Otherwise there is no reason to check for that unless your a picky person which I try to not be.
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One thing you be sure of is when you put the blades back on be sure they are seated good on the star flange on the mandrel shaft. I have seen the blade screw up a mandrels because it was not on that star.
The blade-leveling gauge noted before is available at the John Deer dealer. If you really think you need to level your deck, the gauge works great.

Good luck.

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Some have short bolts and are easy! I would take and either jack it up or drive it up on a ramp. Once off if there is a crack at the end where the blade goes from flat across to up and down it is junk. If not then sharpen it. I would also paint my deck with black appliance epoxy. It will help keep the grass from sticking so bad. As for the spark plug not every year but every 100 hours is recommended by Kohler Co. so I would suggest the same on your engine. I would at least check the gap. I belive your engine is .025 of an inch.
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