Stihl Blower won't start


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Angry Stihl Blower won't start

Ok gang. Here's the deal. My buddy gave me a Stihl BR400 backpack. Nice shape but won't run. He brought to a shop and they said soemone put the wrong fuel in. I took apart and found scored cylinder walls and piston. I replaced these two things and put back together. This little bugger still won't start. Took exhaust off thinking it was restricted . On the first pull after sitting overnight it will spit and then it will just flood itself out to the point where I see fuel coming out the exhaust port. Alot of fuel. I guess I am missing something here so will someone please hook me up with the info I need. Thanks, TOHGuy
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Hello TOHGuy. Welcome to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site and our Small Engine forum.

Fuel flowing out of the exhaust indicates the carb is flooding the engine. The carb needs to be removed and cleaned out. The seat may be damaged, the needle stuck or there is debris under the seat. May possibly be a damaged diaphram.

Might try re-adjusting the fuel screws. Set the low (L) speed to 3/4 turns outwards and the high (H) speed to 1 turn outwards and go from there. Also check for spark.

The other resident small engine service and repair professionals in the forum will offer additional suggestions, advice & help. Check back on your question several times over the next few days for additional replies.

If you need further assistance, use the reply button. Using the reply button moves the topic back up to the top of the daily topic list automatically & keeps all communications in this one thread.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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Hello TOHGuy!

Sharp Advice is right, it sounds like you have a carburetor problem. Try taking it apart and cleaning it well. There is a tiny spring under the needle clip. Be careful when you remove the screw that holds the needle in, so that the spring doesn't go flying out and get lost. Let us know how it goes!
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Thanks for the replies. i really appreciate it. I forgot to mention that I had taken the carb apart and cleaned so I figured that it was perfect when I put it back together. Well it seems that an extremely small piece of debris decided to rest right at the seat of the needle. I cleaned everything again and reinstalled . It started on the first pull. Set the carb settings and this bad boy is ready for Spring if that ever comes..

Thanks again,
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Glad you got it going!

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