throttle air gap


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throttle air gap

My teacher had told me on motorcycles and four wheelers the throttle cable has an air gap adjustment that needs to be set exactly to the specs in the manual. Has anyone ever heard of this cause I haven't. I never saw it before and have no clue how to adjust it. From what I understand, there is something built inline on the cable that has a screw on each end to adjust the air gap. Any tips on this??????
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I've never heard of throttle air gap, but the throttle length needs to be set so it opens wide open and shuts clear down to the slow idle screw. This is probally what he was talking about and on ATV's and stuff in usually has a screw type fixture "usually on the carb side" can also be to nuts or other various methods" one end or the other and is adjustable.
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At the end of the cable, where the cable connects to the carburetor, there is a thumbscrew. This basically adjusts the idle speed. The manufacturers might reccomend setting the gap between the butterfly and the housing, but I usually just set it to where the idle speed is correct.

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