need advice on White lawn tractor - hydrostatic drive will not engage


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Question need advice on White lawn tractor - hydrostatic drive will not engage

won't drive forward or reverse.

I know nothing about lawn mowers. I lifted the hood, but that only gives access to the gas tank and motor.

I lifted the seat, but that only gives access to the battery.

How do I find the drive belt (if that is the problem - slipped off)?

Can someone directly me to website with basic info on lawn tractor maintenance?

Thank you for your responses.
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This would be the web site for all your needs. You'll have to look under the tractor for the drive belts. Also, check your fluid level in the tranny to make sure that is not the problem.

If neither of those find the problem let the group know. There are some fine mechanics on this board.
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Hello uh-oh-oh1!

Sounds like your drive belt came off. Look underneath the mower at the engine pulley. You will see a large pulley with a belt that goes to the blade deck. Above that pulley, you'll see another smaller one with another belt on it. That one is the transmission belt. Follow it from the engine pulley to the back of the mower and see if it came off of a pulley anywhere. If it came off of a pulley that has a "V" shape, the V shaped side of the belt goes into the V of the pulley. If the pulley is not V shaped, but is flat, then the back side (flat side) of the belt goes against the pulley. There may be a metal tab that makes it difficult to get the belt back on the pulley. If you can't make it flex enough to squeeze the belt back on, then you might have to remove the pulley and reinstall it with the belt at the same time. Check the belt for burned, broken, thin, or cracked spots. If you find any, replace the belt.

Hope that helps, and if you need more info just let us know.
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i encountered that problem on a white of my friends. sometimes it s the belt but also had a problem with the lever that disengages it. when you are sitting on mower look down between you legs and on left side is a lever with a ball on top sometimes that comes loose underneath let us know what happens

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