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need suggestions for a purchasing a power pole saw

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Join Date: Jul 2001
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03-04-04, 12:57 PM   #1  
need suggestions for a purchasing a power pole saw

my trees are tall. a telescopic pole saw (manual) can no longer do the job well. I almost need a cherry picker or scaffold to access the limbs and clean out dead wood.

Would a power pole saw be of any use? Can I use this on a laddar? Bad idea? What is a good brand? Dependable? Gas or electric? What price can I expect to pay? Used? Bad idea?

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03-05-04, 12:55 AM   #2  
Hello uh-oh-oh1

I don't think I would reccomend using one with a ladder. Echo makes one that seems to be pretty popular, but I don't see enough of these things to have a good idea of what is good and what is not. Echo and Stihl are good products. I'm sure there are others that are good too, but I don't know who does and doesn't make those things. Used can always be a good thing, but it can be bad too. Make sure it runs right and has good compression.

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03-05-04, 03:40 PM   #3  
I agree with Cheese. Get a Stihl or Echo. I have a Stihl chainsaw and have loved it ever sence.

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03-06-04, 06:15 AM   #4  
to get a good one that will last and be dependable, you will pay 500-600 dollars for a gas unit. i have never owned an electric but if it is only used for your personal home use and only for a few trees, they would be alot less expensive. i have used mine from an extention ladder but it can get a little hairy if it is extended all the way out. exersize good judjment an only do what you are comfortable with.

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03-06-04, 06:28 AM   #5  

I sprung for the big bucks and bought a Stihl HT75.

I would only recommened one to a pro cutter or someone with lots of friends and neighbors that need trimming. The price alone would scare most people off, $500-$600? range.

Pole pruners have a certain reach...15 ft.? Once you have cut everything, you have to wait 5 years before you need to cut them again. Does the cost justify that?

I dont care if they made one that extended a hundred feet into the air, there will always be a couple of branches that need a trim 1 foot beyond its range. That leads to standing on the top rung of a ladder and stretching trying to make that "last" cut.

For a pro cutter they are great. It's another tool that fits a niche in thier buisness. But it does have a range of use. They can justify the expense because they move from job to job that present opportunites for its use. For the average homeowner thats not the case. Once your trimming is done, you are going to wait until the stuff grows back. Once you have done all your friends and neighbors trees, the same is the case.

I bought mine because I work in a dealership and paid cost. I can turn it over if I need to, because there are always cutters willing to pay for a well maintained used one. I had a lot of trees that I used it on and it would have cost me the same amount to have a pro do it the one time.

They are slick units, and do the job they are intended for quite well, but I have to say that they are overkill for most people.

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03-08-04, 06:36 PM   #6  
A powered pole saw certainly seems to be your answer.

When choosing one, the first thing you want to look at is the closest and best servicing dealer. You can buy the best saw in the world, but if you don't have a reputable servicing dealer, you don't have squat...

Stihl does make a good pole saw, as does Echo, Husqvarna, and I think Shindaiwa makes one as well....but look for a dealer you are comfortable with, who will honor the warranty and show you the ins and outs of the machine when you buy it.

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