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After two months of no use, I took my lawn mower out of the garage and tried to start it up. The part that you pull to start up the engine is now stuck. (I know this isn't the technical way, but I don't know much about a mower) Anyway, I took the cover off and spool part, without the spool being connected to the engine, it pulls fine. When connceted it is stuck.

Please help. My grass is out of control, the grass is finally dry enough to mow.
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can you spin the motor by hand to make sure the motor is not locked up? be sure to take the plug wire off first.
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I tried to spin it of course I didn't unplug the wire and it was really tough to spin. It only turned about 1/2 inch and stopped
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Posts: 153 said that the engine only turns over a half inch...that is not a good sign.

What kind of mower is it?

Take a look at your engine oil level. Where is it?

At the end of last year did you hit anything with the mower? Is it possible that you have a build up of old clippings under the deck stopping the engine from turning over? It could be that simple.

It could also be that something got near your flywheel and is binding it...therefore not allowing the engine to turn over...

Take the rewind (starter) housing off...pull the spark plug....and then try to rotate the engine by hand....what happens? One may be able to "feel" where the problem lies...

let us know what you find out.
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Hello: AAH

The engine will not crank (spin) over with the spark plug still installed. Remove it. Attempting to crank the engine by hand up against engine compression will not work.

With the plug removed you may be able to crank the engine by hand but not likely or easily. You may have to use a wrench but do so easily and not much if you encounter too much resistance.

Would you mind mentioned the engine brand. Doing so would allow us to know what type of starting device is inside the starter cover. Knowing that would help some as well as knowing the engine brand. Is it a rotary mower or reel blade?

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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Hello AAH!

Try it with the plug removed as mentioned. If it still won't turn, look at the engine brake. It is what moves (is supposed to move) when you pull the engine kill handle down on the handlebar. If it is not releasing the brake, then it will not allow the engine to turn.
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Thank you all for your response. It was as simple as taking the spark plug off and looking underneath the blade area. Wow, they must have mowed mud. I cleaned off layers and ran like new.

Thank you again.
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Glad you got it fixed!

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