2 Cycle Running Problem

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Weedeater Feather Lite FL1500

I have an (almost new) Weedeater Feather Lite FL1500 Leaf blower that will not run at high speed. However, it will start and run at slow speed. The engine will die out if I attempt to move the speed lever to the fast position.
Here is what I have done to try and remedy the problem:
1: Disassembled the carburator (Walbro).
2. Removed the float pin and the speed adjust needle.
3. Removed the diaphragm and inspected for cracks and/or holes.
4. Blew out the orifices with an air hose.
5. Checked the priming bulb to ensure it was functioning.
6. Changed the spark plug.
7. Drained the existing gas and repalced with a fresh 50:1 mix.
8. Reinstalled the speed adjust to 1-1/2 turns from dead bottom.

I then reassembled the carburator and started the engine with no problem, but, when I move the speed lever to fast it still dies out.

What can be the problem?

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If the carb is clean. And you have done all that was in your list there, you may just need to set your high speed screw. Cheese has a special way of doing this but I just turn it till it wants to conk out which seems to be what happening already, and then I turn it back till the engine does not conk out. Basically when it really revs up and sounds good. Another idea of the problem is that your coil may be giving you juice but not enough to run at full throttle. Play with the high speed screw while you wait for Cheese to reply to your message.
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Hello Matt!

I agree...try backing out the high speed mixture screw another 1/2 turn or so. If that still doesn't do it, see if it will run at full speed with the choke partially on. If so, you still have a fuel problem. Make sure your fuel lines don't have any cracks in them.
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Well, I found the problem!
It was a plugged muffler. I found the exit hole of the muffler plugged almost solid with soot. After I cleared the deposit and afjusted the idle speed, it ran just fine. Thank you for the replies!
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I am glad you got it fixed!
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Hello: carmat5

Glad you where able to locate the problem and best of all fix it. Also glad you took the time to post back the results as well as being well detailed in the problem description and solution.

So much so that other members reading the question will learn from it. I retitled the question to indicate the primary engine problem as well as making the topic easy to find when searching the forum...

Mufflers and spark arrestors are one of the primary causes for the problem description and often the most overlooked common cause.

Even though all other conditions may not have been needed, doing them greatly adds to the learning experience as well as the self satisfaction of doing them successfully...

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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