BCS 710 Tractor Service Manual


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Question BCS 710 Tractor Service Manual

I just bought a used BCS 710 two wheel tractor with an 8.00 hp Honda GX240 engine. What i need is a service manual for the tractor. BCS doesn't seem to be in the mood for helping with any online sources. A service manual would greatly help for the upkeep of the machine, as i plan to use it alot for this upcoming season. If anyone could help me find a service manual i would greatly apreciate it.

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Also, a service manual for a BCS Tiller box would be handy
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Hello Resaw

I moved your question into this forum since the question deals with a small engine machine.

Generic small engine repair manuals have specific sections by brand name and some have sections by specific models. The back sections of these generic books often list book retailers that market specific brand and model service and repair manuals.

Check the local book stores, auto parts stores and the large world wide chain book stores online. Libraries should have books on the subject. Also small engine repair shops.

Additional Possible Sources:

BILLIOU'S 1-209-784-4102

L.S.THORPE CO. INC. 1-617-776-2445

I do not have any affiliations nor vested interests in any of these retail parts suppliers. Provided solely to assist with locating parts.

Small engine parts can also be found at your local small engine and lawn mower repair shops listed in the phone book.

The resident small engine service and repair professional, and other members replying within this forum, may be able to offer you additional locations and or sources to obtain manuals and or parts. Check back on your topic several additional times.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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I'm looking for a manual that is downloadable if possible.
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Joe_F used to be in this forum and gave a lot of answeres to people who had questions about manuals. I have not seen him in a while since last year. However there are others who would gladly give you that information. Cheese is one of them and there might be some members who will answer too. You will just have to wait and see.
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Hello Resaw!

I am not familiar with that tractor, or where to get a manual for it in PDF form. You may be able to order a real manual from tractormanuals.com . BCS won't give/sell you one?
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Well, i need to call BCS. On sundays i try to get alot done and as you know, sometimes some things can't get done, but i was going to do some searching for a manual, before i called them. but i will call them now.
Not familiar with BCS? I don't think many are. You should check them out. They are realy greatly built machines -- www.bcsamerica.com

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I just wanted to, for the sake of thouroughness, and productivity of the forums---to follow up on my findings on my quest for a service manual/parts scematic, for my BCS 710 GX8.

I did manage to make contact with a BCS customer service representative through e-mail. I found out that there is not currently a service manual for my particular model available (he said Italy had not 'released' one yet, or the ones that he had were too old, and/or irrelevant)

But after asking him about what the technicians refer to. If there was a parts schematic, or anything! Please! I'll take anything! (just kiddin) But, he sent me a PDF of some parts breakdowns for all the series of 710's. He was very helpful. Anyway---If anyone should ever seek one, i can make it available, of course. If anyone knows anything about a service manual, i would love to hear about it.

Have a good day.
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I wish I could help you on that one resaw, but at least you got my advice on good trimmers. With that in mind, which one are you thinking on buying? I decided to relist the website so you did not have to go to someon elses post. They are below.


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