What Type of Grease To Use?


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What Type of Grease To Use?

I am getting my weedeater ready for spring and I want to re-grease the trimmer head gear box. What grease should you use on these helical gear boxes? I understand a special grease is available to reduce heating on these gears.

What do you guys use?

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Hello: mowfixer

Don't tell anyone. I used regular automotive grease...
Same type used for fittings to ball joints and steering arms etc.

Never had any problems. Use the same grease for hedge trimmers, which also have gearboxes. Never had a problem.
Nor a customer complaint....

Our regular members and the resident professional moderator may have an alternate grease to use. Check back.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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When I had the small engine shop, if I had to stock all the OEM types of greases and oils, there wouldn't be any room for the work bench...LOL!....
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Hello mowfixer!

I use automotive grease too. I have used "00" grease before, but it leaks out easier, so regular grease seems to work best.
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Whew, this was a question i had on my mind for a bit too. After going over my Echo trimmer and making sure all the bolts were tight so to speak, i used auto grease for the gear head. Glad to hear i am not the only one! Which leads me to my next qestion. I have 1 grease gun (for easy dispensing) What is the best all around grease to have around? Greasing wheenbarrow wheels, trimmers, hedge clippers (which i also used auto grease for) Just all around good for everything grease? What's the number it would be called, or however you seperate the different types of grease?

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In my opinion, best all purpose grease is lithium grease. Hope I spelled that right...

Works best for me in almost every instance except for boating mechanical moving parts. For which there is a special grease to withstand the effects of salt water.

A few licks of lithium grease and many of your problems are gone too...haha....LMAO...at least for a while... (Humor)
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Sharp advice, don't make me hurt you! LOL
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Great. I was sort of leaning towards Lithium from the start. As all of you who cruise the forums migght have noticed, i dabble in almost anything. I have alot of hours working on bicycles, and that is what i use for packing bearings, and hubs and such. I have a small tub of it(lithium grease), but i will try and find a tube of it for my grease gun when it runs out of whatever is in it now.

Do you know if it is more expensive than any other non lithium greases? I thought it was more specialized for bicycles, but it makes sense...a good grease, is a good grease. That's why i'm the one asking the questions here you all might have noticed. Lol. Thanks for the help.

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