kohler ignition


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kohler ignition

Hey, I just got a Cub Cadet with a 16 hp Kohler
Can't get it to run right and think it's weak fire.
Got the coil checked and had get a new one.
Got new set of points and condenser.
I hastily disconnected this stuff and want to be certain I reconnect
correctly. Is it.... positive lead and condensor on pos. post and
wire to points on neg. ?
Also how can I be certain the compression release on this thing is working. Has some trouble turning over but starter looks ok and sounds good without a load.
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Cheese will answer to your post at the end of the day. Although I am confused. I thought a old engine with points and condenser did not have a coil. I thought coils were only electronic ignition on newer engines. Well cheese is the expert so we will see what he says. One thing I know for sure that Cheese will tell you is to get rid of the points and condenser. He says that to everyone because electronic ignitions are much more reliable.

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Hello randyt!

The negative side of the coil should be connected to the points and condenser. To check the compression release, you can put the engine at TDC and use low pressure air to fill the cylinder with the plug out and a strap wrench holding the flywheel. If you hear it leaking out the exhaust pretty good, then it should be working. Also, checking the valve clearances can be an indication. Not all Kohlers have compression release.

Terminator...coils are on all ignition systems. the coil has nothing to do with electronic ignition other than the fact that it may contain the components in the same housing on some models. It's not just that easy to put electronic ignition on a kohler.
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Thanks for the info Cheese. I learn more everyday on this site. I lvoe this site!

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