Safety stinks!


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Safety stinks!

Anyone know how to disable the safety shutoff on my 3 year old MTD riding lawn mower? It shuts down if i put it in reverse and it drives me nuts!
.....pull forward...disable blade...back up....put it in forward...enable blade....pull forward......disable blade...back up....put it in forward...enable blade....pull forward ...yada yada yada.
Of course I know this could be dangerous but my lawn is flat...I'm not going to tip over.
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I can totallly understand what you mean! I remember when I hurd threw the grapevine that they were going to make these machines this way. A lawn mower that shuts itself down without your knoledge is allways caused by safty switches. Now, because your mower can not back up when you have the blade engaged, that tells you that you have a safty switch somewhere around the blade engagment lever or switch. I don't know these mowers, so I can not give you advice, however Cheese will answer you soon. Cheese will tell you how to disable it.
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When you disable that safety switch and start cutting in reverse you will start going through mandrel assemblies on your mower deck. I don't know why, but I have seen it time and time again...

In order to remove that safety switch, you need to get in behind the lever. To do that, turn the knob off the gear shift, and pull the (probably) two little bolts holding down the plate right in front of you when you are sitting down. behind there and right where the lever comes up you will see a plunger switch....easiest way is to tape it shut...that way you can always take the tape off...or you can complete the circuit by putting the two wires together...I hope this makes
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How did it go?

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