Leaf Blowers/Vacs


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Leaf Blowers/Vacs

Okay, here is my situation first before the question. My yard is not that big but its very difficult to manuver, the backyard is anyway, after about 10 feet it slopes down at about a 45 degree angle to the fence at the bottom, not so easy to maintain. Also we have multiple barberry (ouch) bushes and tall unweildy ornamental grass on the property planted by the previous owners (this is our second spring here). There are 7 trees on our lot as well including a young oak, 3 maples and a hickory.
Now, I have a phyiscal problem (2 herniated disks in my neck) that makes raking leaves other debris and bagging it a painful problem for me.
So now, on to the question, I have been considering buying a blower/vaccum to assist me with these tasks, but my dear husband says that the vaccums don't work, his dad had one when he was a kid and if you pickup anything but a leaf they break, is this true? I would like to think the technology has advanced a little in the past 20 years.
I need some advice!
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Hi Kez - haven't 'seen' you in a while (I haven't been over to Sierra in quite a while). Good to hear that your home is being kept under control with your efforts

I've got an electric blower/vac and have been using it for the past four seasons. As long as you vaccuum slowly and limit the amount of materials it sucks up at once, it is worth considering (IMHO). This one also has an attatchment that extends the blower and directs the air down into evestroughs - I don't have to climb ladders any more to clear them!

The only drawback I've seen is because it is electric, the cord is often in the way or caught on something. But it is friendlier to my (and my neighbours') ears and other than the dust it kicks up, doesn't pollute like the two stroke ones.... Don't forget to wear your goggles while using it, though!!!

Hope others with experiences with both electric and gas units will add their feelings...

See you

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For an electric blower I would recomend the Toro Ultra Blower. It blows at a compacity of 225 MPH. I found no gas powered equipment that even reaches that. Even the best commercial ones. The only reason why a gas powered is better is because it has more HP when picking up your leaves, and you don't have to deal with a cord. The electric blower has a variable speed control. Meaning you can adjust how fast it runs just as you could with a gas blower. Plus there quiter, cleaner, and easier to use. But if you have to go with a gas blower, I would suggest going with Johndeer Toro or Echo brands. This blower can also be converted into a vacume. The only thing is that, there are no attachments for certain jobs. But I never really cared about that part.

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hey howie, good to "see" you again too. I've been sequestered indoors for many months. So if it ever stops raining and the tree service gets the fallen down maple out of my backyard i might get some work done....maybe
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Hello keziah!

Both gas and electric blower/vacs work, and usually well. Electric is much less trouble, as far as breakdowns, maintainence, and aggravation. If you don't want to mess with a cord, a gas unit would be fine and probably do the job marginally better than a comparable electric unit, but I think I would look closely at the electric models if that is an option. You don't have to worry about having the proper fuel mixture on hand all the time, trying to get the thing started, the noise and smell, the mechanical unpredictabilities, and the usual extra weight.
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blower/vacs can strian the neck...

from the weight of the debris in the vacuum bag.
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This thread is old and was over long time ago.
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