craftsman riding mower won't start


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Question craftsman riding mower won't start

HELP!! I have a 3 yr old craftsman ltx 1000 with the kohler pro 18hp ohv engine. I began with only 2 minor problems when I got it out of storage, a dead battery, and a intermittent ignition switch. I charged up the battery, and tore apart my key switch. The switch would have to be "jiggled" so the mower would stay running. It had some burnt contacts inside, which i cleaned up. Anyway, I put it back together "one of three ways", stupid me, didn't pay that close of attention, and it won't start.

Is there a fuse, a fuseable link, or some magical electronic gadget that I could of blown up?? There is no "click" of the switch, or lights or anything that would indicate it is attempting to turn over.
I can post some pictures if that would help.
I shoulda bought a deere!
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Cheese taught me how to wire a sylenoid a year ago, and he will teach you. However what I will say is that, you said you had burnt contacts inside and that you cleaned them. Nobody I know tries to clean the keyswitches because its futal anyway. We allways buy new keyswitches. I don't think that cleaning the keyswitch inside is going to help. Usually, when a keyswitch burns the heat also melted certain parts in there. But lets see what others have to say. I allways buy a new keyswitch if one goes bad.
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I didn't see the model you listed on your post on the sears website. Look for a model number plate with a number such as 106.12345. With that number we can find a schematic diagram of you electrical system. Since we are not there to look at your mower a schematic would be very helpful in answering your technical questions. Cleaning a switch is tricky and most times you never get it working right after you try it. You didn't say if you have a voltmeter or any kind of a test light. Either of those items come in handy for doing electrical troubleshooting. My best guess, using only the limited information in your origional post, is that your ignition switch is still defective and needs to be replaced.
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Thanks for the quick response. The only model # I can find is on a tag under the seat, as follows:
Model # 917.272420
serial # 041701B011860

I do have a voltmeter and test light, and I am normally a fairly decent shadetree mechanic. With a schematic and just a little guidance I should be golden.
Thanks again!
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First let me say you may (or may not) be up against a wall when it come to the electrical system. You should definitely replace the key-switch, part# 175566. Do this before anything else. Incidently, you do have an in-line fuse. It will be a 20 amp automotive style fuse buried somewhere in the mess of wires behind the dash. Good luck and let us know what happens after replacing the switch. If no luck with the switch and/or the fuse, check back here and we'll help you out further.
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thanks puey61, I looked around for the fuse, couldn't find it, so I ordered the key switch anyway, its due on 4/15. Removed the gas tank, found the fuse, replaced with a chunk of wire (I know, I know, way dangerous) and TADAA!!! it fired right up. My switch repair seems to have fixed the "jiggle key, to keep it running" issue. So, I'll keep the new one for a spare, and put in a real fuse. Thanks again, I figured it was something simple I was missing. I am in your debt, do you wanna come mow my overgrowing lawn too. HA HA! Just a sidenote, my wifes family is from upstate, The Great Sacandaga Lake, it really is a small world.
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I am glad you got it fixed! I am also glad you ordered the key switch so when the old one goes out you will have a new one on hand. Just remember, when that time comes and you go to replace your key switch watch where all the wires are connected before you remove so that way you will know where to put them on the new one. Great troublshooting!

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