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Craftsman mower belt replacement

I have an 8-year-old Craftsman 6 hp self-propelled front wheel drive walk-behind mower (don't have the model no. right on fromt of me, though). I want to change the belt. There are only two pulleys -- one on the engine, and another at the gear case (there is no tensioner pulley). The owner's manual states that to remove the old belt, simply push down on the gear case pulley from above. However, that pulley it does not move, and does not look like it is supposed to move. Am I missing something here?
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Use a flat head screw driver on the inside of the belt and move the belt away from the pullie. Eventually you will get the belt off. Basically using a gentle pry off tecnique.
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How is the belt tension now (with old belt)? The reason I ask is that although you say you aren't able to press down on the driven (front) pulley, you definitely should be able to unless the tension spring is broken. With the belt cover off and kneeling in front of the unit, you should be able to do just this by rocking the gearbox foward (in relation to yourself). Now it won't move all that much but just enough to roll the belt off. To see if the spring is still intact, you will need to look at the underside of the machine. So you know where to look, while still kneeling in front of the machine the carriage bolt-like screw, spring and locknut are at about the two o'clock position at the gearbox. The spring and locknut are located under the frame. Loosening or tightening the nut is how you adjust belt tension. Look for any debris build-up that may prohibiting full movement of this. Usually a new belt will include the three afforementioned parts along with the belt itself.

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