2 cycle lawnmower rpm's

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RPM for Toro 2 cycle lawnmower-can I increase it?

My 2 cycle 21" lawnmower has 3 holes on the governor lever. The lowest makes it run t 2800, middle 3000 and upper 3200. It came on the middle one, but it didn't vacuum well, so I just now, years later, figured out how easy it was to increase it and I'm going to try it at 3200. Since most 4 cycle lawnmowers run at 3600, I probably can drill another hole and get it faster, and make the vacuuming even better, but I don't know if the engine can handle it. Being a 2 cycle, I thought like other small 2 cycles it could run real fast and last forever. What do you think about upping the RPM. By the way, the owners manual calls for 3000.
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Hello: mitchella

Much can be siad both pro and con about engine running speeds, regardless of the cycle type (2 or 4 cycle).

What needs to be known first, before drilling holes in the gov arm etc. is if there is a speed adjustment screw on the carb body. Some carb types have such a screw. Most will allow some increased engine RPM's.

Some not so. And for a good reason. Not ALL 2 cycles are created equally. Excessive engine speeds drastically shorten engine life, regardless of engine lubrication, etc. 2 cycles are no exception.

Only control of engine speed on most 2 cycles is the fuel ratio's. Lean running increases engine speeds. Too high an RPM screams the engine but at the expense of engine life.

If the model govens the speed to a max of 3200 RPM's, rest assured there is a real good reason why. B-4 increasing the engine speed, in anyway possible, it would be a good idea to know why the max is 3000-3200 rpm's.

May help us to know the model number, if you can provide such. Use the reply button to update this thread.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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How about a model and serial # so we can see what you have? This will help us help you!
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Toro 21" Recycler model 20106-1000001 thru 2000001 & up.

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