Lawn Mower won't start


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Lawn Mower won't start


I have a Lawn Boy that just won't start. It is a manual (pull) start and is about 6 years old. I never had problems starting until this year. I just replaced the spark plug, cleaned the fuel filter, added gas/oil. The plug is gapped at .035...just like the book says. It won't start. No nothing...I don't know how to check if it is getting "spark". Can you pls help me? It received a new carbureator last year due to leaking gas.

Thanks alot....
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To check for spark. Remove the sparkplug and put the sparkplug wire back on the plug. Then touch it to the metal outside the engine. Pull the rope if walk behind. If Lawn Tractor, crank engine. If you see a blue spark when you crank the engine than you have spark. And of course, if this is a walk behind mower, you are going to have to tie your start lever to the handle. Please give us mower info about your mower so we can help you better.
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Hello: Tracey

If you just replaced the spark plug and now the engine does not start, reinstall the old plug and give it try. Idea here is to revert back to what worked prior. May have a defective new plug.

Another item to check is the kill switch. Kill switch is the same as the stop lever or button. Which means however you shut the engine off. That device may be grounded. Grounded meaning still incontact with a metal part which shorts out the ignition spark.

Also test per instructions offer above. If no spark is available, than replace old plug and retry to start engine. If engine still does not start, next step is the kill switch.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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