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Whats everone's opinion on the Weed Eater featherlight FL 1500 blower. I'm thinking about purchasing one. Thanks
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Crap. Those blowers are junk, and I would not want you to buy one. Instead buy a Toro, Echo, or JohnDeer blower. Believe me, you will thank yourself if you spend the extra money. A fetherlite will probably last you 50 hours or less before they break down. Let us know what you intend to buy.
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Hello Nichboy!

I think I'll go with a more subtle approach.
The featherlite is a non-commercial bottom of the line blower. It is also priced accordingly. If you want a blower that will probably last a season or two...more if you're lucky, and then throw it away and buy another, then the featherlite would probably fit the bill. That's pretty much what they're made for.

If you're looking for a quality piece of equipment that will last years and years, you'll have to step up...several notches. Some higher end blower manufacturers would be Stihl and Echo.
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I have one

I have had my feather light for about 3 years not a bad blower vibrates too much my hand goes numb.However the pull cord was always dragging and today it would not go it,I went to home depot and picked up a Homelite still in the box as I type this.I was looking at the Echo and almost got that one.
It is not too late I can still exchange it for the Echo what do you guys think.
I was going to take the weed eater FL 1500 apart and see if I can get the cord to retract again I dont think the spring is broken.
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Arrow My Two Cents

Hello: Nichboy

Personally, I do not think any brand is crap. That is an opinion based upon one single personal experience and that is truely a rather harsh assessment.

Much does depend upon the intended usage and how well the machine is maintained, etc. Price must also be considered. The machines price is yet just another means to determine value.

How much a buyer wants to spend and how much a buyer is willing to spend are two more means to determine which machine best suits the needs.

Thus, it is very difficult for anyone here at diy or else where to determine which machine is best for another person. That choice is and will always remain a personal choice and one that is based on intended purpose of usage and price a buyer is willing to pay.

As is evident already here and will be wherever you ask this question, what machine to buy is and always will be varied. Personal suggestion. Buy the machine which is best suited to your needs and fits well within your budget. You cannot go wrong either way....

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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By The Way:
The brand Weed Eater is a good product. Is or may someday soon, be a sponsor on this web site. We would welcome them as such.
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Well from what I can see the Homelite will stay I have tried it out and it works pretty well for a 99 dollar machine.(much less vibration then the weed eater).
I also fixed the Weedeater just took the bottom fan off and lubed and cleaned the spring assy.Now I have two blowers .

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