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Question edger question


I was looking at getting a edger for my lawn. I was looking at a craftsman electric edger and a craftsman gas edger. Both are about 3 horse power. Is there any advantage of one over the other? The sales guy really couldn't answer that.

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They both have advantiges over each other. A gas edger you can edge anywhere without the worry of a elecrical cord that you are pulling around. And they have good HP to get the job done. But over time , or right away you can start having problem with them. Something breakes down. A electric edger is easy maintanance, you most likely will never have a problem with them, and they have resonable HP to get the job done. The drawback is that you have to pull a cord all around. And if you have to edge 300 feet or more away from your house than a gas edger would be a better choice.
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Hello Shawn!

I agree with Terminator20. Electric would be less trouble as far as upkeep and cranking. Just plug it in and go. Gas would be good if you need a lot of power for thick stuff, or if you have quite a bit of edging to do, or a long run that would require lots of extension cord. If you decide to go with the gas unit, go for a 4 stroke engine, not one of those little weed wacker 2 stroke kinds of edgers. They don't hold up long.
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Thanks again. I decided to go for the eletric edger. The maintainece points you brought up where well taken. Plus, I already have a eletric weed wacker so I have take out the power cord for it. No big deal.

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