Eager-1 engine questions


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Eager-1 engine questions

Hi all,
Everyone was a great help with my last mower question...so I was hoping I could get some more help. I have a few questions about a Craftsmen mower with an Eager-1 6.75HP electric start motor. The other day when mowing with it, it blew something. I got around to taking it apart today and it was the head gasket that blew. The last few times that I used this mower I heard...well the best I can describe it as would be a rattle or a clank, like 2 peices of metal vibrating against each other. It only seemed to make the noise under a heavier load like cutting through taller grass. Not sure if this was related to the head gasket blowing or not...but I thought I would ask if anyone has exeperienced something like this and what it might have been. A couple of the head bolts did not seem very tight so I thought that might have been the reason for the clank. Any thoughts?

While I have the mower apart I thought I would also ask for some help on something that has always bothered me about the mower. It has always been tough to start after it has been sitting for a week or two. I usually have to press the primer bulb around 20 or so times to get the mower to start. But it always starts up and dies. Usually after about 5-10 itterations of priming and starting the engine will finally stay running. Is this normal for this type of engine on initial start-ups?

And my last question is I have had a hard time finding info on the Eager-1 engine. Is this engine made by Sears? Is it made by another company for Sears and if so who and can I get parts for this engine from the other company or am I stuck to getting parts from sears?

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Hello Louis!

The eager-1 engine is made by Tecumseh. It is just labeled Eager-1 for sears. If the noise you heard while it was running could be described as a metallic "chirping", then it was caused by compression leaking past the head gasket. The hard start issue is carburetor related. Remove the carb bowl screw. There are 4 holes in it. Make sure all of them are clean and clear. Especially the tiny one in the unthreaded end of the screw. It is hard to see.

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